Jack Baker

Baker, Jack | Faculty

Ph.D., Lecturer III in Technical Communication, College of Engineering

311 Gorguze Family Laboratory



About Jack

Dr. Jack R. Baker is a Lecturer III in the Program in Technical Communication in the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan. Dr. Baker brings his administrative, teaching, and industry experience as a UX copywriter and writing consultant to the classroom. A native Michigander and first-gen student, he is passionate about helping students navigate higher education, aiming to prepare them for clear and careful communication. Before coming to the University of Michigan, Dr. Baker taught at Purdue University and Western Michigan University and served as Director of General Education and Chair of English at Spring Arbor University.


Ph.D., English Language and Literature, Purdue University

M.A., Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University
M.B.A., Executive Leadership, Spring Arbor University
B.A., Philosophy and Worldview Studies, Cornerstone University


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