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About Us

The Program in Technical Communication is dedicated to the advancement of the practice and theory of technical communication at the College of Engineering.  In service of this mission, the Program aims to provide a strong foundation for students to succeed in the complex communication responsibilities in their future engineering careers.


Mission and Objectives

In order to achieve this goal, students are introduced to the concept that technical communication plays a significant role in successful engineering, business, entrepreneurship and leadership.  They are taught that they must communicate their engineering ideas and solutions effectively and persuasively if they are to reach and influence diverse audiences.

Students are exposed to technical communications topics that are highly integrated with engineering projects, including framing and researching an engineering topic, producing clear and concise writing, in both print and electronic media, developing relevant and useful graphics, and constructing sound and logical arguments. Students are taught to analyze the needs of different audiences, deliver focused oral presentations, communicate effectively on teams, and conduct effective meetings.

Our vision is to continue to provide excellence in technical communication instruction in order to prepare our students to be leaders and decision makers in an increasingly global and electronic communication environment.  We want to inspire students to be articulate, collaborative, and capable of critical thought and sound reasoning.