The Program in Technical communication offers a range of courses across the College, including standalone courses and instruction embedded in first-year, laboratory, and capstone design courses. Faculty integrate communication education with engineering projects, including framing and researching an engineering topic, producing clear and concise writing, developing useful graphics, and constructing logical arguments.

TechCom 300

TechCom 380

Technical Communication in IOE

TechCom 496

Advanced Technical Communication

TechCom 497

Technical Communication for Computer Science and Engineering

TechCom 575

Directed Study

TechCom 610

Technical and Professional Communication For Graduate Students

Writing in the disciplines

Technical communication faculty co-teach a range of disciplinary courses to integrate communication instruction within authentic engineering settings. We collaborate with departments across the College to tailor communication instruction to best support student learning.


Biomedical Engineering Design, Part II

CEE 345

Geotechnical Engineering

CEE 351

Civil Engineering Materials

CEE 366

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

AERO 305

Aerospace Engineering Laboratory I

AERO 405


Biomedical Design


Biomedical Engineering Design, Part I

CEE 402

Professional Issues and Design

CHE 360

Chemical Engineering Laboratory I

CHE 460

Chemical Engineering Laboratory II

CHE  487

Process Simulation and Design

CHE 488

Chemical Product Design I

CHE 489

Chemical Product Design II

ENGR 100

Introduction to Engineering

IOE 424

Practicum in Production and Service

IOE 481

Practicum in Hospital Systems

ME 395

Laboratory I

ME 495

Laboratory II

NAME 470

Foundations of Ship Design

NAME 475

Capstone Design Project

NAME 492

Marine Engineering Laboratory

Historical Courses

These historical courses are not currently offered.

TechCom 215

Technical Communication for Electrical and Computer Engineering

TechCom 450

Web Page and Site Design

TechCom 498

Technical and Professional Writing for Industry, Government, and Business

TechCom 499

Scientific and Technical Communication

TechCom 501

Selected Topics

TechCom 575

Directed Study