Fishstrom, Jack | Faculty

J.D., M.A., Lecturer IV in Technical Communication, College of Engineering

316 Gorguze Family Laboratory


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About Jack

Jack Fishstrom, J.D., M.A., is a licensed attorney with over 25 years’ experience writing, editing, and presenting technical reports for engineering, business, and law. In addition to working for a county trial court, he is a small-business owner and a consultant to engineering and medical organizations. He focuses his teaching efforts in three departments: aerospace, computer science, and electrical engineering. In his classes, he stresses structure of information, simplicity of language, utility of illustrations, and thoroughness of argument. He also teaches public speaking and research poster design. Jack has a background in video and film production as well. He has written and produced several informational videotape programs for government, academic, and entertainment-industry clients. Moreover, Jack produced and directed a feature film, “Voices,” which was shown to a large audience at the Michigan Theater in December 2000. He is a winner of the University of Michigan’s Hopwood Award for Major Drama/Screenplay. In addition to four screenplays and several video scripts, his writing portfolio includes proposals, environmental impact statements, public outreach materials, remedial designs, style guides, legal testimony, newsletters, magazines, software documentation, and several published journal articles on engineering education.


J.D., College of Law, University of Toledo, 2010
Cum laude

M.A., Telecommunication Arts, University of Michigan, 1994

B.A., Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley, 1987
Magna cum laude
Honors Thesis supervised by Hubert Dreyfus