George M. Landes Prize for Technical Communications

George M. Landes, until his death an engineer at Ford Motor Company, was a 1977 graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Department. Killed in a tragic car accident on October 4, 1981, George had been a student and an engineer and committed himself to both excellence of technical work and excellence of communication-a combination of skills much needed in the profession.

To be a candidate, a student must have been enrolled as an undergraduate in the College of Engineering for at least one term between January 2023 and January 2024. Nominees should demonstrate excellence and creativity in both technical skills and presentation skills.

For information, contact the Technical Communication Program at 734-764-1427 or email at

All materials will be evaluated for both technical communication and excellence in presentation. Presentations should be of professional quality, suitable for industry or for publication exactly as submitted, and carefully proofread.

No material may be submitted more than once. No entrant or nominee may enter more than once per year. Materials entered in the competition shall not have been submitted to any other award competition. Materials that have been submitted for class credit may be submitted only if it is endorsed by the faculty member involved (see explanation of the entry procedure below).

How to nominate or enter
A single piece of technical work should be submitted. This presentation can be a technical article, a design report, a piece of technical journalism, or any presentation of technical work. Presentations may be written or may involve a combination of other communication media. Work prepared by a group project may be appropriate, but only if all the participants meet the eligibility requirements specified on the previous page.

All submissions are due on January 31, 2024!.

Prizes up to $2000 will be awarded in the Technical Communication Writing Contest.

Decisions of the judges are final. Judges reserve the right to not award prizes if submissions do not meet required standards.